Join AIDA Coach Tom Luddington and marine biologist and photographer Lou Luddington for a unique freediving experience ONLINE or by IN PERSON in Pembrokeshire

About Tom and Lou

Tom has dedicated his life to adventure and is a fully qualified AIDA Freediving coach - passionate about sharing the joy of Freediving.Tom and Lou will provide an unforgettable Freediving experience - whatever your experience level.Call / Whats App Tom now to discuss your Freediving aspirations:+44 (0) 7580 645586

Courses Available

Free Breathold Workshop online
Online Freedive 101 £40
1/2 Day Freedive £50
AIDA 1 Course - 1 Day £95
AIDA 2 Course - 3 Days £245
AIDA 3 Course - 4 Days £300

Freedive 101 Online Course

The next course starts on 12th October 8 pm UK Time CLICK HERE to BOOK
The Freedive 101 Online course is live training with Lou and I - one hour a week for 4 weeks via zoom. It is aimed to get you fired up for freediving - even if you can't get to the ocean to do a practical course right now.
You will learn ESSENTIAL knowledge about safety, PLUS techniques, equalization, and marine life - and there are workshops on the 12 ways to stay underwater longer & Frenzel equalization. All sessions are recorded and you will have homework and a fun quiz at the end. You will also join a FB group of like-minded people to share your experience and your progress.

Free Breathold Workshop Online

This FREE workshop will be run for 1hr LIVE on Zoom Friday 23rd Sept. Click Here to read more and Register
- Knowledge is Power
- The Diaphragm Mastered
- The Real Secrets of Relaxation
- Mindfulness vs Memory
- Resilience, Recovery and Rest


The AIDA 1 course is a one day taster for anyone with no previous experience and is great fun. However if you are already a good snorkeller, and love diving under the water, then we would recommend starting with AIDA 2 which is also considered an entry level course.

Aida 2

Over three days we will teach you all about freediving. With a combination of sheltered water, theory sessions and open water diving. At the end of the course (if you pass all the requirements which include a dive to 12m depth showing good technique) then you will recieve the AIDA 2 Certificate which will allow you to train at any freediving centre in the world.


This course will allow you to learn how to dive deeper safely. It will also focus on how to train effectively and perform rescues. To successfully complete the AIDA 3 you will have to dive to 24m depth, hold your breath for 2mins 45 seconds and swim 55 metres underwater in the pool or sheltered water (with fins)

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